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What Our Riders Are Saying

Wendy has been my trainer and coach for the past several years. I’ve found something in her approach that others in the past haven’t been able to offer. Wendy provides extremely personal service and meets you where you’re at. She cares about your goals and offers sage advice when needed .


I highly recommend Wendy & her horses.

My daughter & I began Mother/daughter riding lessons with Wendy when my daughter was 4. It has been an amazing, FUN & fantastic experience. Wendy has a gift in preparing horses for her riders’ experience levels and ensuring that her riders are ready to move to the next level of riding skills/horse. We so much enjoy our weekends at Wendy’s horse farm & love visiting with Wendy and all of the horses in the barn. These weekends have grown our confidence in riding and working with horses. Over our 6 years with Wendy, my daughter has progressed from riding a miniature horse to a beautiful & well/tempered Quarter Horse. My riding journey transversed learning to ride on a smaller quarter horse to becoming a more confident rider who trots/canters easily on a former barrel racer.

April and Grace

I have been taking lessons with Wendy for 8 years now, which alone reflects my appreciation and respect for her teaching style. Due to a recent move on my part, I now drive an hour each way to continue lessons at Essence of Equus despite much closer options available. Wendy is supportive, yet encourages growth by challenging me to work with various horses and practice increasingly advanced riding techniques. During lessons, she also discusses equine behavior and wellness as well as natural horsemanship approaches . Wendy’s emphasis on safety is readily apparent when interacting with her respectful (and might I add very content) herd of lesson horses. If you are searching for a warm, encouraging, and knowledgeable instructor/trainer and an opportunity to work with amazing horses, Essence of Equus will undoubtedly be a great fit!


I have loved horses since I knew they existed. I had some experience with them as a teenager but that ended when I went off to college. Fast forward many years and that old yearning to connect with them came back. Through a series of fortunate circumstances, I was led to Wendy DeCamp and her horses. She has taught me so much about how to relate to a horse and her horses have taught me so much about myself! I started out learning about grooming, leading, ground work and riding. And when I was experiencing difficulty reaching goals in my personal life, Wendy's very skillful coaching techniques using the horses, brought me new insights and ideas that have helped me reach my goals . Wendy is one of the best listeners I have come across and that in combination with her deep knowledge of horses has made her an incredible coach and trainer of people and horses. Being able to be at her farm is one of the biggest joys of my life!


Your place is awesome, great lesson instructor and learning a lot more than my other places taught!


Wendy DeCamp is phenomenal in teaching many levels about horses and riding. She teaches the skill of communicating with the animal and learning to listen to the horse . I started riding as a way to overcome my fear of horses, and I have gained immeasurable confidence.


Wendy and her horses are amazing. She is very intuitive and a great teacher. Safety for her clients and her horses is her first priority . Wendy has impeccable integrity. I am so lucky to have found Wendy and Essence of Equus.


I found Essence of Equus on line. Being an older client with very little riding experience, this was a good fit for me. Wendy’s horses are great teachers, thanks to Wendy. A comfortable and positive atmosphere !


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