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About Wendy
Wendy came into this world with a deep love and passion for animals, especially horses.  By the age of eight, she talked her parents into riding lessons and two long years later she got her first horse, Tequila.  Wendy and Tequila spent countless hours on the trail, competed in the WSCA show ring and the MN High School Rodeo circuit.  As time progressed, Tequila was retired from competition and Wendy continued to compete in College and Professional Rodeo's with a variety of different horses.               
When Wendy started getting requests from friends and family to have her teach them to ride, Tequila became one of Wendy’s greatest equine teachers and co-instructor of Wendy’s first students.  While working with these students and Tequila, Wendy experienced how many times it is the horse, not the instructor, who knows when the student is ready for the next challenge.  These early lessons taught Wendy to watch, listen, and incorporate the horse’s feedback into each lesson.  Today, Wendy teaches every student the importance of listening and understanding the messages the horse is providing regardless if the student is working with the horse on the ground or on their back.
Wendy went to college to continue to learn more about training horses, and earned a BA degree in Animal Science and Business from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls.  While attending U of W-Riverfalls, Wendy learned how to start two-year old horses under saddle using the gentle methods of Ray Hunt.  Taz was the first two-year old Wendy trained and he is still a part of her herd today.  
After college, Wendy had an internship in Equine Massage and then took a corporate job and continued to ride, train, and teaching riding lessons for family and friends.  After eleven years in corporate America, Wendy decided it was time to leave her job to pursue her life work.  
For five years, Wendy and her horses worked with a non-profit organization that partner with animals to provide therapy and wellness services for individuals and groups.  As the Wellness Director, Wendy created and facilitated Wellness workshops for individuals looking for personal growth opportunities.  In addition to the workshops, Wendy and her horses also assisting in individual and group therapy sessions.     
Wendy continues to expand her knowledge through attending workshops/clinics and reading.  The additional training Wendy has received has included workshops/clinics by Linda Tellington Jones (T-Touch), Linda Kohanov (author of Tao of Equus), and Tom Nagel  (author of Zen & Horseback Riding ).
Wendy currently resides in Rogers, MN with her daughter Brynn, and her three dogs;  Bo, Ace, and Sadie.  Her eight horses; Sky, Bobbie, Hawk, Onyx, Niche, Mikka, Cookie and Frosty. 
24700 Tucker Rd Rogers MN 55374
$60 per hour for a private lesson & $45 for an hour semi-private lesson with Wendy's horses. 
In addition, Wendy will travel to your farm to work with you and your horse(s).  Cost is $60 an hour plus mileage. Call Wendy for a quote at 763-360-3392.
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