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Creating Partnerships with Horses

Equine Assisted Coaching. Riding Lessons. Summer Camps. Horse Training. Corporate & Personal Workshops.

The foundation of all our teaching is mindfulness and connection. We teach how to connect with the horse and communicate with them in their language. And, how to create a deeper connection to ourselves, how to listen to our own bodies wisdom and why that is important in working with horses as well in everyday life.


Essence of Equus

Wendy DeCamp is the owner and 

operator of Essence of Equus.  She is a Equine Coach, Riding Instructor and Horse Trainer...

Essence Of Equus


Equine Assisted Coaching

Corporate and Personal Deveoplment Workshops

Horse Training

Riding Lessons

Summer Camps

Where You 

Can Find Us?

Essence of Equus is located at 

24700 Tucker Rd

Rogers, MN


Essence of Equus Horses

We have a variety of great horses to work with; including  miniature horses, ponies, standard horses as  well as a Percheron. 

We match you with the horse that best fits your personal goals .

Contact us for question and inquiries


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